Wednesday, October 22, 2014

This is my response to this week's tragic events in Canada

An open letter to anyone who is considering running down, opening fire upon or otherwise putting a Canadian soldier into harm's way:

Unlike yourself, who might be following an ideology or have to convert to one to participate, the soldier you so readily attack is welcomed to enlist and defend their country no matter what faith they subscribe to, in fact, they are welcome even if they are without faith.

Unlike yourself, who might seem to be defended and supported by a rag-tag pack of rats, but who would forget you as soon as send you to your death for an exciting, albeit misguided cause, my brothers and sisters who don the uniform know in their hearts that they can rely on the support of everyone in the military, every level of police service, every legionnaire, veteran, and dare I say, every decent citizen of this great country.

You are most welcome to meet us on the battlefield, at any time or place, where we will meet you with no mask to hide our identity, as we do not fear that others would know who we are. Because we are proud to serve our country and defend its citizens, no matter what they believe in, from enemies without and within. We are especially happy to facilitate the meeting with your maker that you most eagerly await. My suspicion is that you will be disappointed in what you find on the other side.

And finally, unlike the selfless Canadian soldier, you will be remembered as a coward. And then, you will promptly be forgotten.

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