Sunday, August 10, 2014

Things I learned lately - 10 Aug

  • A genome project is underway whose goal is to map the genes responsible for various types of cancer, so that by 2024 at the latest, gene therapy could be used to treat cancer instead of chemotherapy.
  • Apple has built up its own massive internet infrastructure that will allow seamless software and content downloads. It's much larger than what Apple needs, a sign that the company is positioning itself to deliver high-definition content in the future. This will also make Apple's future software launches and updates much faster.
  • The best of Swiss universities charge you only $600CAD per semester, regardless of nationality.
  • With the Card Table app, you can use your iPad as a card table and each person holds their hands on their iPhones.
  • When you have an app open on your iPad, simply hold down the Home button to bring up Siri and say, "Settings." Siri will then bring up the settings page for that particular app.
  • Facebook's Messenger app now allows you to make phone calls to your Facebook friends using Wi-Fi or your data plan. They have to add their phone number into their FB profile.
  • The citrus industry is at risk of being destroyed by a disease known as citrus greening, or huanglongbing. At least 70% of Florida's citrus trees are already infected and Florida's citrus crop is the lowest it's been in 30 years. Orange juice prices are up nearly 20% and will continue to rise.
  • Hilton says it plans to roll out digital check-in and room selection for Hilton Honors members at more than 4,000 Hilton Worldwide properties across 11 brands by the end of 2014. Before arriving, travelers will be able to check digital floor plans, and then choose the exact room they want instead of leaving it up to the check-in clerk. By the end of 2015, Hilton may have smart phone room key technology, allowing guests to unlock their room with just their smart phone. So you can go right up to your room when you arrive; no more checking in and getting your key first.
  • Anonymous email isn't a new concept, but Leak is hoping to make the experience less creepy and more fun by allowing you to choose the degree of familiarity in how you're attributed. It's a nice nod to the importance of context, and it allows users to send their anonymous note as "a friend," "a coworker," "a family member," "a friend of a friend," or simply "someone."
  • On a UK AC plug, the longer ground prong pushes the covers away from where the other two prongs go as you plug it in. In other words, an open UK (modern) socket is covered for safety when there's nothing plugged into it.
  • Japan's population, currently at 127 million, is expected to drop to 99 million by 2048. One third of the population..... gone. No, you can't blame cosplay zombies.....

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