Monday, June 16, 2014

Trek continues!

Do you miss Star Trek the original series? You don't have to. Some talented fans ressurected the series with Star Trek Continued. It's not Roddenberry, but it's a pretty damned fine facimile.

3 full episodes so far, Pilgrim of Eternity, Lolani and Fairest of Them All. Listen to the computer's voice. Sound familiar? And the guy playing Scotty? Chris Doohan.

Yes. James Doohan's son.


Retro Blog said...

Thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YEW!!!!
Enjoyed the heck out if this.
Casting was pretty spot on except for Bones. Voices not quite on, Kirk and Spok pitched too high. I think the studio's should snap this up and promote further productions! Damn Good Job!!!!

Retro Blog said...

Um and yeah, Grant Imihara will take a bit of a kidding on that rather theatrical coughing scene.