Saturday, June 07, 2014

Things I learned lately - 7 June

  • A German court has decided that (in Germany) once you stop a relationship with someone, you're not allowed to keep compromising photos of them - you have to delete them.
  • So, the government of Canada has drafted an anti-spam law, with exceptions and loop-holes, with no teeth outside of Canada, to deal with a problem that for the most part, has been solved using intelligent filtering technology. Slow, deliberate clap.
  • According to scientists, the collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet is inevitable. That's not good, in case you were wondering.
  • Super-skinny mannequins with ribs showing were spotted at the Soho location of the lingerie store La Perla. It pissed off a lot of people, who took to Twitter to show their disgust. La Perla now promises to remove these mannequins everywhere.
  • You've heard of LED headlights. Now there's "laser" headlights (high beams only for now) on new high end BMW and Audi cars. And yes, I made quotes in the air with my fingers while I said "laser".......
  • 1 in 7 people don't get precisely what they ordered in the food industry. One of the ways the industry is trying to correct that is by introducing ordering kiosks.
  • Currently, grazing land for ruminants — cows and their kin, accounts for 26% of the world’s ice-free land surface.
  • Only 30% of Canadians polled realize that the CBC gets none of the money you spend on your cable/satellite TV bill.
  • The entire Canadian English TV industry's revenues from advertising, subscription fees and government amount to about $5 billion annually. The BBC network in the UK has more funding than our entire TV industry. The US TV industry, with which Canada's broadcasters must compete, had annual revenues in 2011 of $165 billion or 33 times that of Canadian broadcasters. Critics bemoan the lack of quality in Canadian TV but they offer no solutions other than to suggest Canadian TV (in particular, the CBC) needs to be 'cool' and make do with less. They have little knowledge of how TV is financed or produced.
  • There is a 61 mile long conveyor belt in Morocco that carries phosphate ore from a mine to the coast.

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