Thursday, May 08, 2014

She's a ball

We're going to be shopping for a crystal ball stand but to make sure that the stand we buy fits, we're going to bring a toy ball the same size to check out stands at antique stores in San Diego and area.

When people ask what we're doing were going to tell them Darlene's mother's ashes are in the ball. Then we'll improvise the rest of the story.

"Darlene's dad owned a toy ball factory when he was alive. His dying wish was to make sure that mom's ashes were put into one of the company's balls. We were able to do this because Darlene's brother now owns the company. Now we need to find the perfect stand so we can put it on display in the lobby of the company."

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Retro Blog said...

This actually sounds more like the ball should be included in a clear crystal monolith, chuck the stand, go big sounds very impressive.