Monday, May 26, 2014

Maybe I don't want the break

I got a break on my municipal tax bill. Yay!

Then I realized that I got it because a majority of Calgary city councillors voted to give us money back that was returned from the province of Alberta. Yay!

That money was returned because the province over-estimated how much money they needed for education or something like that. Ya.... wait what?

OK. Last time I checked, the school boards and the teachers were clamoring for more money. Programs have been cut, class sizes are bigger, wages are frozen, student fees have gone up, activity fees are up. But the province didn't need all of our school tax money?

That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I wonder how much of the education cuts we could have saved if we had just told the province to keep the money.

Oh, I forgot. All that people around here think about is how much money is left in their pocket, damn the programs and services.

At least I'm not bitter.

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