Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Things you should never say at work

"Are you pregnant?" If she wants you to know she's pregnant, she'll tell you.

"Would anyone be offended if I told a sexual joke?" If you have to ask, assume someone would be offended.

"You owe $20 for a gift for the boss." Not only is there no need to buy gifts up the chain, even if it were OK, the contribution should be opt-in only.

"You're so skinny! Why aren't you eating?" Commenting on other people's figures is off-limits. Nobody was hired based on their lifestyle.

"That's not my job." The goal of every employee should be to make everyone else look good and this is not how you do it.

"The new (insert job title here) is a real jerk." And now, so are you.

"I heard Kim is dating Ryan." Gossip is not something people are praised for.

"Why are you so dressed up today? Got a job interview?" This is so many kinds of awkward.

"I'm so hungover." So what you're telling us is that not only do you value fun over your job, but you'll be useless today? Is that what you're saying?

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Retro Blog said...

are you pregnant is even worse if you work in medical records at the local hospital/clinic and say, "Congratulations!" and she ain't told no body. That is a HIPAA violation worth a pretty high fine if the patient wishes to get snarly about it.