Sunday, March 23, 2014

The youth are our future

What we need now is a leader who will inspire the youth of Canada.

My generation is beyond salvage. We've been dulled by experience, made stale by repeated exposure to con artists who promised the moon and delivered fool's gold.

My generation has been transformed from a selfless community who help those in need to a mob of selfish bullies lacking empathy and unwilling to sow kindness and joy.

We've lost the capacity for revolution and forcing change on our governments. Apathy rules the day and while we whine and moan about the injustices in our society, we do nothing to instigate change.

Our only hope now is youth. They still have the energy, the fresh optimism and the imagination to demand a return to a society where people are more important than corporations.

But they need someone to inspire them. They need someone to remind them of how society used to be, when we knew and cared for our fellow neighbour. They need something to strive for and once they realize it is achievable, their excitement and vigour will give them the momentum needed to make change happen.

The youth are our future and we need them to change our world. I look to them to return my Canada to a just society. They have the power.

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