Monday, February 03, 2014

Things I don't miss about the world of old technology

  • Having to wait for a dial-up connection signal negotiation to complete before I could use my 14.4kb/s internet connection.
  • Monitors that weighed a ton.
  • Never knowing what the weather should be like for tomorrow until 6pm (nightly news).
  • Needing $2000 to buy a decent computer.
  • Long distance charges.
  • Only being able to store 1.44MB of files on a floppy disk. Or if we go back farther, 360kB of files.
  • Having to rewind the VCR tape.
  • Driving around aimlessly trying to find the nearest bank machine, or specific brand of gas station.
  • Configuring autoexec.bat and config.sys to tweak the memory and device drivers on a computer.
  • The only way to watch a movie was in a theatre. Fully dressed.
  • Having to keep a disc in the computer to play a game or run a program.
  • Always wondering what the name of that song was.
  • Needing a real camera to take a picture of anything.
  • Yellow pages searches.
  • Having to wait hours, maybe days to find out where someone was, if they weren't home.
  • Not knowing how the picture turned out until you got your prints back.
  • Needing to remember math.
  • Having to constantly wind a watch. Yeah, I know - "What's a watch?"
  • Trying to race home to catch a TV show. Or if we go back farther, a radio show.
  • Having to scrub the oven.
  • Being forced to sell stuff in the classifieds. For a fee!
  • Needing to go to a store to buy something.
  • Hoping your telephone handset cord was long enough to reach the next room so you could talk in private.
  • Faxes. Oh wait, they're still around. But why?

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