Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Remove these from your resume

Things to remove from your resume right now

High School Information
If you've gone through college or university, you don't need to mention high school, particularly if you're years past graduation.

Passive Language
Use action verbs, not weak references to your achievements. Saying things like "familiar with [insert skill]" or "learned how to [insert skill]" is unnecessary. Immediately address the skill so you seem to have experience, instead of looking like a trainee.

Unless requested or depending on the industry, leave your photo out. You are not being judged on how you look.

A Series of Short-Lived Jobs
Any series of jobs that you've held for short periods of time should be left out. Otherwise the resume looks disjointed. You may appear to not have focus. Exception: You worked somewhere prestigious that makes you look better or to fill a long period of unemployment - but be cautious.

Objective Statement
It's rare that an objective statement will help you, and it can hurt you.

Really Obvious Skills
Proficiency in Microsoft Office is common. Take those out and substitute with less common skills.

Any Information That Can Cause Discrimination
Don't be too free with your personal information. No mention of religion, social issues, or politics unless it's relevant to the job. Keep it neutral.

More Pages
The current rule of thumb is to keep it to a page. Two pages maximum. Keeping it short will help you pull out the most impressive achievements and leave the irrelevant ones out.

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