Saturday, February 08, 2014

I'm running away! Hello? Pay attention!

One time, my mother grounded me for being bad, which happened a lot. Being grounded in this case meant having to stay in the yard. I couldn't go to visit and play with friends.

Anyway, this one time that I was grounded, I got so mad, that I decided to take off anyway and go play with a friend a block away. I didn't care what the consequences were at this point.

I came home a few hours later, just before my dad would get home from work. I expected my mom to find me and freak out. But nothing happened. I don't think she even noticed that I had left.

It's been my secret to this day.

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Retro Blog said...

My son ran away one day, came back and said, " I ran away, you didn't even notice!".

Where did you go?

The Highway.

On what?

My bike.

Welcome back, sweetie!