Monday, January 13, 2014

Courses high school and/or college should teach

  • How to budget your finances
  • How to cook basic meals
  • How your life will change when you become a parent
  • How the world does things differently from us
  • What's hiding under the hood of a car
  • Basic vehicle maintenance
  • Improvisation
  • How to drive defensively
  • Survival skills
  • How to write a resume
  • How to network
  • Information security awareness
Now, it is possible that some of these are actually taught in high school. But considering that I haven't been in high school since 1978, cut me some slack, k?


rollinghillsrunner said...

I have a daughter in our local community college and one in high school. A few of these items are available in school but none are mandatory. For real life your friends or parents are where you go for this stuff. And my experience tells me there's a lot of dummies out there. Yeah I think schools should make most of your list standard curriculum.

Retro Blog said...

...and preparing a tax return
... using a checking account properly

Anonymous said...

When I was a senior in college I took a new class called, "Problem solving skills" On completion, I suggested this be a mandatory freshman class to aid in the whole college experience. I don't know if that ever happened because I graduated, but it was very useful for me.