Wednesday, January 15, 2014

20 things I know to be true

(inspired by my good friend Bernie)

  • Every time you say 'no', you're allowing an entire universe of possibilities to bypass your reality
  • Everyone you know has a lead to get you what you want
  • The universe has a habit of giving you precisely what you expect
  • Praise everyone
  • Other people always appreciate your stuff more than you do, so share it or give it away
  • Children can teach us so much: play; don't judge; be curious; if you keep at it you'll figure it out
  • Laughter is the most powerful elixir in the world
  • It is possible to have a job you love, so go find it
  • Having a backup of your files is critical
  • Negativity is like a virus
  • The Copyright model needs a major overhaul
  • There's a better way to provide the world with energy
  • Having an elevator speech is vital
  • Nothing is a waste of time, but 'nothing' is a waste of time
  • Conversations aren't about proving you're right, they're about trying out new ideas
  • The ego may be louder than your intuition, but it's rarely helpful
  • The news just makes you feel lousy, watch a TED talk instead
  • We have the technology to build super-efficient homes today. We just don't have willing builders.
  • The sound of water is nature's lullaby. The surf, a flowing river, waterfalls, rain, it's all deeply relaxing.
  • Art in all of its forms is the most under-rated, under-valued product of humanity.

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