Sunday, December 08, 2013

Things you say when you're over 50

  • Do I seriously have to wait that long for my senior's discount?
  • Is your mortgage paid off yet?
  • Is that the last car you're ever going to buy?
  • I can't believe it's [insert current month or year here] already!
  • No, I feel fine, why do you ask?
  • Did I ever tell you how far I had to walk to school in the snow?
  • Let's go to Swiss Chalet!
  • What do you mean 'I look tired'?
  • Kids today......
  • See that limb twitching? I'm not doing that consciously.
  • I was up at 5am. Yes, I know it's Saturday.
  • Seriously, if you call me 'Sir' [or Ma'am] one more time.....
  • Is there a pay phone around here?
  • Help me get up....
  • What's wrong with Herb Alpert?
  • Back in the olden days......
  • How do you expect someone my age to limit my thoughts to 140 characters?
  • Stop calling it 'classic rock'. I prefer to call it 'the only music that mattered'.
  • Grey hair makes me look distinguished? So what you're saying is that you can distinguish me from a 30 year old?
  • That prune juice went right through me. No pun intended.
  • If by 'chillaxing' you mean napping, then yes, I'm chillaxing...
  • What?
  • You know............... I forgot what I was going to say.

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Retro Blog said...

Just an observation here, I have no idea who all those 20 somethings are on the star magazines are, none. Tsk.