Monday, December 02, 2013

How to quickly build rapport with people

1. Let the other person know that there is an end (to the conversation) in sight, and it is really close.
2. Smiling is the number one nonverbal technique you should utilize to look more accommodating.
3. When individuals speak slowly and clearly, they tend to sound more credible than those who speak quickly.
4. There is no greater theme and tool for eliciting individuals for action, information, and a great conversation than the use of sympathy or assistance.
5. Avoid correcting people or anything that could be interpreted as one-upmanship. Just listen. You don’t need to tell your story; just encourage them to keep telling theirs.
6. Validate others. Again, through listening.
7. Ask open ended questions that don’t require a simple yes or no answer. They are generally questions that require more words and thought. Utilize the content given and continue to ask open ended questions about the same content.
8. Some people don’t speak much. Other times people feel self-conscious about talking so much. It’s good to give a piece of personal information for every one they reveal to get a flow going.
9. When you offer people something, they will naturally feel the need to help you in return.
10. Play it cool. Focus on the other person’s needs and don’t let your expectations rise.
11. In every interaction the other person should walk away feeling much better for having met you. You should brighten their day and listen to them when no one else will.

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