Saturday, November 30, 2013

Voice trick

The producers of The Voice should pick an episode next season during the try-outs where they play a joke on the judges (who can't see the singers until they turn around). They should substitute unknown contestants with already established, well-known singers and see if any judges turn around, then watch their reactions when they realize who the artist is. Maybe even disguise the singers so they're not easily recognized. Of course, the artists wouldn't be singing their own material either.

I'd like to see David Byrne (Talking Heads); Bono; Sheryl Crow; Jack White; Beck; Moby; Joan Osborne; Annie Lennox; Enya; Joe Jackson; Richard Ashcroft (The Verve); Gordon Downie (Tragically Hip); David Bowie; Chris Robinson (Black Crowes); Feist; Macy Gray; Liz Phair.

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