Saturday, September 14, 2013

Such a crazy idea, it might work

If I ever decide to run for national politics, I think I would run as an independent MP for Calgary West.

For starters, anyone, even a wet-behind-the-ears nobody like me could probably do a better job than the incumbent. As an independent MP, I may not have any influence through the party in power, but I wouldn't be subjected to towing their party line either. I could vote the way I believe my constituents would want me to vote.

People might ask me "What would you be able to get for Calgary West if you didn't belong to the ruling party?" My answer is "What are you getting from your current MP who does belong to the ruling party? Besides naps and inappropriate attacks against Nelson Mandela."

I must be very up front about the fact that I am motivated in some small part by the fat pension that awaits me if I manage to last 2 terms, but that I feel that after serving my country as a soldier for 20 years and then as a politician who cares about his riding and the people in it, I think an MP's pension would be money well spent. It would certainly be orders of magnitude bigger than the military pension I get now.

I promise not to fall asleep in Parliament. I promise to always rule on behalf of the people, not some corporation. I promise to always answer mail from my constituents, even if the answer is that I don't have an immediate answer. I promise to be inclusive and treat everyone as equals. If Marg Princess Warrior comes to make fun of me, I promise not to run away and call 911. I promise not to make false claims for benefits I am entitled to.

Would you vote for me?

[Update: I just realized that there are pictures of me in drag on Facebook. Never mind.]
[Update 2: Our ridings have been re-aligned. Rob Anders is no longer my MP as of the next election.]

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