Monday, September 16, 2013

Burger quest - Flippn Burgers

In my never ending quest for great burgers and fries, I had to find a way to get to Flippn Burgers in Kensington (330 10 St NW). Having the day off one Friday gave me just such an opportunity.

I had already read numerous reviews on Yelp about this place and knew it was small, so I made sure to go early - 11:30am. The place was almost empty, so no lack of places to sit for me.

Let's start with the burger. I ordered a cheeseburger on a brown bun with mustard, pickle and sauteed onions, with fries and a bottle of ginger ale. I like that the pop is in glass bottles - a nice touch. I know now what other reviewers meant about the patty itself. It doesn't have that 'I just made this with my own hands' texture. In fact one could mistake this for a frozen patty. But I do believe that the meats used in this place are 'halal' meats, so I doubt this allows for fresh ground beef made into hand-made patties on the premises.

That's OK though. The burger was good enough. My biggest concern was the fries. My last sojourn was to Cliveburger and their fries were - how shall we say - shellac'ed. They were likely cooked at too high a temperature and this created a fry that was too shiny, too crispy and not tender enough on the inside.

Not at Flippn Burgers. Their fries (IMHO) are perfect. Many thanks to Omar, who is forever trying to make the recipe better. You did it, man.

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