Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Why I think I would make a good Senator

I've been talking to people close to me semi-seriously about this and I thought maybe I would put it out there. I think I might actually like to be a senator. In fact, unlike some of the characters we've seen the news in the last few months, I think I would actually make a good senator.

For one thing, I still believe in what the Senate originally stood for: the house of sober second thought. Even though I may be liberal leaning, I would consider any good law coming out of the House of Commons. More importantly, I would actually do my job. I would sit on committees and I would attend the meetings. All of them. While staying awake.

I would spend time in my province of representation not as a cheerleader for the sitting government, but as an ambassador for political process, especially among the youth. I wouldn't try to make monetary claim to things that I'm not entitled to. My guiding principle would be that my work and my decisions should be benefiting the citizens of my country and not the other way around.


Anonymous said...

Well...I think you'd be great.

Anonymous said...

Um, signed Heidi-that was a little tooooo anonymous ;)

Retro Blog said...

You got my vote! We can mail it in from Oregon!