Saturday, August 31, 2013

Things I learned lately 31 August

  • The solution to the world's food crisis is quite simple: Eat insects.
  • If you drive an El Camino down El Camino Way, you're (translated) basically driving a car called 'the way' down a road called 'the way way'.
  • The Boy Scouts now offers 131 merit badges. I wonder if 'IP subnetting' is one of them?
  • FedEx created the tracking number 40 years ago.
  • There are 923 words that break the 'i before e' rule. Only 44 follow it.
  • The new Chevrolet Spark EV (fully electric) can go 82 miles (132km) on a full charge. The car is expected to cost $25,000. Claims of an 80% recharge in 20 minutes. As a comparison, the Tesla Model S can go 265 miles (426km) on a full charge and costs $72,000.
  • Allied Irish bank filmed a 30 second TV ad using only an iPhone 5 to emphasize the bank's mobile capabilities. 
  • You know the picture of the McDonald's burger that didn't rot after 14 years? Turns out it has nothing to do with chemicals or preservatives and everything to do with lack of moisture. Home-made hamburgers under the exact same conditions won't rot either.
  • You can put used tea bags in a jar and place in your refrigerator to absorb odours.
  • Soak your smelly feet for about 30 minutes in enough black tea to keep them covered (about three bags boiled in a quart should do the trick – add cold water to cool).
  • Olive oil makes a great alternative to shaving cream for women's legs.
  • This is the last year VW will make the Microbus. The production run lasted 64 years.
  • The Tesla Model S now commands 12% of the luxury car market in California (4714 cars registered). Only the Mercedes E-class and the BMW 5 series have a larger market share.

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