Thursday, August 29, 2013

A reply to Bell's open letter

I know this is a bit late, but it's still noteworthy for its excellence. The 'Big 3' cell phone companies in Canada had been whining about how unfair it is to let any future entrant into the Canadian market (namely Verizon) get access to all that cheap frequency spectrum in a few months. This is the beautiful reply from a less than satisfied customer.


"Amongst your many traits as CEO of Bell Canada Enterprises (BCE), tenacity, enthusiasm for your trade, and perseverance top the list. Conspicuous in its absence from your letter, however, is your sense of irony.

You begin the “unusual step of writing to all Canadians” (Strange, isn’t it, that “Canada’s Top Communication Company” should find it unusual to communicate with its customers?) with a history lesson, ostensibly in the interest of helping us “understand a critical situation” now facing the wireless industry: the potential entrance of an American company into the Canadian market."

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