Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Old timey sticks in the mud

I don't understand the logic of rules sometimes. For example, the 'no strollers' rule on the train at Heritage Park.

When you want to board the train, you have to leave your stroller behind. It doesn't matter that it collapses and you can carry it like a suitcase, they absolutely will not allow it on the train. That means that if you were thinking of taking the train halfway around the park and then getting off and resuming your visit with your stroller, it just isn't going to happen. Which means you're destined to ride the circuit twice to end up right back where you started, with your stroller.

Also, when you tell the ticket vendor that you just want three train tickets at $3 each and they tell you that will be $28. Then you explain you don't want boat or amusement ride tickets and they get all snappy. Then you offer them some change so you can get exactly one dollar back and they won't accept that.....

I can only deduce one thing from this. Some old timey people were grumpy farts. And didn't have access to caffeine. And can't do math. OK, three things.

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