Saturday, June 15, 2013

Why self-driving cars (SDC) will be better

  • It will take a lot of the stress out of driving in traffic.
  • A computer can drive with more precision and react faster, preventing many accidents.
  • An SDC will constantly be aware of the full 360 degree area around it.
  • An SDC will be able to recognize when they're in someone's blind spot and adjust accordingly.
  • SDCs can follow each other more closely, increasing the capacity of roads and freeways.
  • SDCs will learn to recognize and avoid hitting pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Accident rates and fatalities should plummet.
  • The perils of drunk driving and distracted driving will become a thing of the past.
  • Seniors will regain their personal mobility.
  • A blind person would be able to own a car.
  • Young people won't have to pay outrageous insurance rates anymore.
  • Health and insurance costs should go down dramatically.
  • SDCs should save fuel. SDC trains would create a slip-stream effect. Less drastic acceleration and braking uses less fuel. 
  • Fewer stops and starts means less fuel.
  • SDCs could communicate with each other and relay traffic conditions to oncoming cars to allow for dynamic re-routing.
  • People who commute by car will gain hours each day to work, rest or enjoy multimedia.
  • Car data could be used to efficiently manage traffic signals to synchronize the flow of traffic.

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