Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Things my new car has that I've never experienced before

I'm not just boasting. I'm thrilled to finally be enjoying these modern features.
  • Cruise control managed by a wand on the steering wheel cluster versus buttons.
  • A hold function that lets you take your foot off the brake pedal at a stop.
  • Rain sensing wipers.
  • Heated windshield washer nozzles.
  • Headlamp washers.
  • 10 way power adjustable seats with memory. [Darlene's favourite feature]
  • Auto dimming side mirrors.
  • Power folding side mirrors.
  • A rest function that helps keep the car warm for up to 20 minutes even after you turn the car off, exit and lock the door.
  • Paddle shifters.
  • LED fog lights.
  • LED running lights.
  • Auto headlamps.
  • Panoramic (dual) sun roof.
  • Sophisticated trip computer.
  • A huge LCD screen.
  • Transmission selector as a wand on the steering wheel cluster.
  • Double-clutch 7 speed transmission.
  • Selectable transmission behaviour. [ECO / Sport / Manual]
  • Electronic parking brake.
  • Bi-turbo engine.
  • Run-flat tires. [These actually suck - they will not go on again]
  • Blind spot assist. [I love this - if there's a car in your bind spot and you indicate, it hollers like crazy]
  • Lane keeping assist. [Steering wheel vibrates if you drift too close to a lane edge]
  • Attention assist. [recognizes when you're getting sleepy]
  • Self parking. [Fun]
  • Distance sensors in the bumpers.
  • Rear view camera.
  • Radar collision prevention. [Primes the brakes if a collision is imminent]
  • Bluetooth.
  • First aid kit. [Came with the car]
[Update 22 Nov 2013]
  • A max defrost feature that instantly (60 seconds) defrosts the front windshield, even of ice.

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Prince Moss said...

Just when you thought a stylish car is all you've got, wait until you experience all of its features! I love the “I'm not just boasting. I'm thrilled to finally be enjoying these modern features” part a lot! Haha! Well, a car this efficient should've been giving you smooth rides, no? Congratulations!
Prince @ Lexus of Ann Arbor