Sunday, June 30, 2013

My experience with Canadian cliches

Politeness - Yeah, I guess I'm a polite person, but I don't think any more or less so than another nationality. I've met some pretty uncouth and inconsiderate Canucks too.

Maple Syrup - Our family is crazy about this delectable sweet tree sap byproduct. Darlene especially prefers the real stuff over the fake corn-syrup based fakery sold in stores as pancake syrup.

Snow - I sure experienced snow growing up in the snow belt of Southern Quebec. Since then, I've lived in places with consecutively less and less snow by comparison.

Moose - Yes, I have seen a moose (in the wild) with my own eyes. I don't typically try to get close to them but have had a few cross my path while driving in and around the Rockies here. It's a little un-nerving to see something the size of a small car with legs cross your path, let me tell you. Also, I have a particular fondness of the moose symbology, as I am a volunteer with Loose Moose Improvisation Theatre, whose mascot and logo is a moose. Who doesn't love Bullwinkle either, am I right?

Igloos - Although it's a myth that most Canadians live in igloos, I have built one to live in  for a day as part of military winter warfare training. They're quite cozy actually. Snow is a good insulator.

Rob in Toronto - I actually DO know Rob in Toronto. But he's probably not the one you're thinking of (the one who (supposedly) smokes crack).

Calgary Stampede - Not only have I been to Stampede, I've been involved in support of the event (guarding the floats the night before the parade through downtown).

Hockey - The only sport I watch. I don't play it though. The Habs (Montreal Canadiens) are my team, through my years of living there and my absolute pride in their history and unmatched passion for the sport.

Toques - That's pronounced 'tukes' if you really must ask. I own two of them. One with strings dangling from the sides and a full balaclava.

Back bacon - I prefer regular bacon. With maple flavour. Or doused with maple syrup. The only thing I've ever put back bacon in is home-made baked beans.

Snow all year - Not quite. Having said that, I've seen it snow for a few hours in Calgary in late May. For reals. The rest of the summer we risk hail.

Poutine - We don't all eat it (not very healthy) but we sure do love it. My favourite poutine-related activity is criticizing places that think they serve the stuff. "That's not real poutine...."

Universal health care - Mostly. You can now pay to get faster or better medical service. This is my biggest pet peeve about modern Canada. We need to do away with these extra tiers of service before they get worse.

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