Sunday, May 12, 2013

Things I learned lately 12 May

  • Mitt Romney told SVU grads that they should get married and have a quiver full of kids as soon as possible.
  • Young adults that just purchased clothing at a great price, make a creative and entertaining video talking about their purchases, which is then uploaded to YouTube or Facebook, etc. There are roughly 700,000 haul videos on YouTube, with 34,000 uploaded just over the past month. Some do this because they are really interested in clothes, others use 'hauling' to star in their own videos. For some, hauling has evolved into lucrative profession where they can make a six-figure income, because clothing companies start paying them to review their product.
  • Microsoft is working on Mohoro, a version of 'desktop-as-a-service' that will allow users of any device (even an iPad) to run Windows and Windows apps in a browser. This is nothing new of course. Google already has a web OS (Chrome) as does Firefox.
  • Ke$ha spends more on glitter per month than most people spend on their mortgages.
  • A pastor who ate at an Applebee's wrote on the check in the tip field '0' and added "I give God 10% why do you get 18". The waitress posted a pic of the check to The Consumerist website, and she was promptly fired by Applebee's.
  • An 11 year old Massachusetts boy who spray-painted graffiti on his neighbour's homes was ordered by a judge to get a job so he can pay the victim’s $1,000 restitution – and learn a life lesson at the same time.
  • There are over 100 species of living bacteria in the clouds 30,000 ft above us. They ride the water vapour to get up there.
  • Pacman was originally called Puckman, but the name was changed because the manufacturers were concerned about vandals changing the P to F on the game cabinets.
  • Between the time it was discovered and the time it was unclassified as a planet, Pluto didn't even get to complete one revolution around the sun.
  • Fly like an ego.... off American Idol. Mariah Carey, a judge on Idol (for now) has fired Randy Jackson as her manager and Randy Jackson has indicated that he won't be staying for another season. Likely nobody will be staying for another season. Now if only we could get Ryan Seacrest to jump ship and host The Voice. Yeah, I know. Not going to happen.
  • Colorado voted to legalize marijuana and tax and regulate it like any other substance. On 10 May 2013 the legislature passed a framework for cannabis production, distribution and sale. Colorado is set to make a lot of tax from this. There will be a 15% excise tax and an initial 10% tax on recreational pot sales. The money will fund the regulatory apparatus and also go toward Colorado schools. All marijuana stores will have to be licensed by the state and be owned by residents of Colorado.

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And what did he mean by that? Not a fun callback to his binders full of women.