Monday, April 01, 2013

Things I learned lately 1 Apr

  • Men have nipples because they develop in the fetus before the 'Y' chromosome kicks in and makes all those male changes to development.
  • Average firearms per 100 people (2007). US:88.8; Canada: 30.8; Japan: 0.6
  • A music store operator in Sweden created hi-fi coffin so the dead could listen to their favourite tunes in the grave.
  • North Korea has a very relaxed attitude toward marijuana.
  • The only part of what's in front of you that is in focus (in your eyes) is no bigger than the tip of your thumb held out at arm's length. To see the 'whole' scene in front of you, your eyes dart around, capturing the rest in focus.
  • The average age of a LinkedIn user is 44.2
  • The average age of a Facebook user is 40.5
  • The average age of a Twitter user is 37.3
  • In 2012, 7 petabytes of photo content were added to Facebook every month.
  • Production of the movie Cast Away was halted for a year so that Tom Hanks could lose 55 pounds before shooting his sequences trapped on an island.
  • We may be mining asteroids for material to build stuff for space by 2020.
  • A strip mall owner is trying to prevent protests in front of Stephen Harper's constituency office.
  • Netflix will be producing a new original sci-fi series - "Sense8" - that will start streaming in late 2014. Andy and Lana Wachowski, the creators of the "The Matrix" movies, and "Babylon 5" creator Joe Straczynski are teaming up to produce the show.
  • Alberta Health Services has about 10,000 manager positions. 10,000! For a total work force of 100,000. Doesn't that seem excessive to anyone?

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LIFT: Living in Free Thought said...

Cool! There were several of those I didn't know!