Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Deep thoughts about EI and unemployment in Canada

I would be very interested to know if there are qualified Canadian people to fill these supposed vacancies that are being filled by foreign workers or outsourced to foreign countries.  Specifically, I'm interested to know if these qualified Canadian people exist in other jurisdictions.  I'm interested in exactly how companies prove to the Canadian government that they have tried to fill vacancies with Canadian workers before they fill them with foreign workers.  What's unfortunate about our current situation is that the gov't probably has no idea of the current situation regarding vacancies vs. unemployed people, yet they do not hesitate to both try to regulate this situation neither do they hesitate to marginalize unemployed people.  People who are not only actively trying to find work, but could probably succeed if their government were trying to match them up with existing vacancies in different parts of the country. 

As the press have said, whenever they tried to get facts and figures regarding the situation, the government says they cannot provide this information.  The question is is it that the government cannot provide or will not provide this information.

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christine said...

Well, I know that when a person is looking for a foreign caregiver, the common thing done is to write up a fake kijiji ad, hold one or two mock interviews and declare your search to be fruitless. (I myself lacked the ability to do that to local job seekers.) That's on a smaller scale but I doubt it is much different for large companies. They can hire placement services to tell them "we couldn't find anybody" and their hands are clean.

I was looking through some old boxes the other day and was amazed at all the now-antiques with Made In Canada stamped on the side. Sigh.