Sunday, February 10, 2013

What the heck is going on with Canada Post?

A friend of mine lives on a street in Calgary where only one side has a sidewalk. He hadn't gotten any mail at his home in over a week and couldn't figure out why. One day, he finds a piece of paper in his mailbox announcing that the carrier has suspended delivery while there were 'unsafe conditions'. He thought maybe it had to do with him waiting a few hours before shovelling his walkway, so once he cleared the snow and picked up his mail from the nearest depot, he assumed everything would go back to normal. A few days later, the next-door neighbour asked him if he'd gotten any mail lately. He said not for almost two weeks. The neighbour hadn't gotten any either. That's when he realized it wasn't his walkway causing the problem and called Canada Post..... again. He was told that the reason delivery was suspended is because their side of the street wasn't cleared by Calgary Roads and with the lack of a sidewalk, it was deemed unsafe to deliver mail on that side of the street. He was also told that if he had a problem with that, he should contact the city.


Meanwhile... My mail carrier keeps putting mail addressed to 4323 in our mailbox (4223). I'm OK with dyslexia, but the postal codes, which are supposed to help with sorting the mail to its proper destination, aren't even the same. Some of our mail goes to other homes too and we're lucky we get most of it back.

We think.

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