Saturday, February 02, 2013

Things I learned this week 2 Feb

  • The back flaps on a bra are called wings.
  • Google TV, Microsoft, Comcast and Verizon have all submitted patents to create TVs and DVRs that will watch you as you watch TV. This is all to do with targeted advertising.
  • An Upper East Side financier's wife asked the 25 year old nanny if she would consider donating some of her eggs so the wife could have kids (the wife was unsuccessful with her own eggs). It would have earned the nanny a $30,000 cash bonus on top of her $100,000 per year salary if she accepted. She declined.
  • The Michelin man's name is Bibendum.
  • The Android robot's name is Bugdroid.
  • Norway is going to test the viability of using Thorium as a future nuclear fuel. Very exciting. This could change everything. Thorium is estimated to be 3-4 times more abundant than uranium.  Vastly more power can be generated from a unit of thorium vs. uranium. Its waste can be re-used as nuclear fuel, and less waste is produced. Thorium plants are considered meltdown-proof.
  • George Lucas had published a Star Wars novel a year before the movie was released in 1977.
  • An Iowa court ruled that it's OK to fire an attractive woman because they are an irresistible attraction that could threaten a marriage even though they have done nothing wrong.
  • In 1890, they sold Grove's tasteless chill tonic to make your children as 'fat as pigs', because that was desirable. It outsold Coca Cola at the time.

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Anonymous said...

Back flaps on a bra? Could you mean the fleshy bits that might squish out when the garment is too small?