Sunday, February 17, 2013

Things I learned lately 17 Feb

  • Ian Fleming, the author of the James Bond stories, also wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
  • To improve your child, praise their effort, not their result.
  • Reduced portions is the key to weight loss and frugal spending.
  • A 10 minute nap is better than a 30 minute nap overall.
  • To avoid senility, don't (completely) retire from working.
  • Demonstrations of anger lend credibility to complainers.
  • Hand gestures increase the brain's ability to remember things longer.
  • Nostalgia fights loneliness.
  • Writing about your feelings fights depression.
  • The 400,000 residents of Tallinn Estonia now get to use their transit system for free. This decision was motivated by concerns about pollution and noise and will encourage residents to drive much less. The decision to make transit free was voted through via a referendum.
  • You can now buy a good desktop 3D printer for $2200. This allows you to fabricate any type of plastic object. All you need is a CAD model file.
  • In Japan, they have competitions on who can plane the thinnest slice off a piece of wood. They're getting 9 micron thick pieces, which look like crate crepe paper.
  • A student in NJ has made a business of delivering emergency supplies of condoms to those needing them at the last minute. His business is called 'Condom Ambulance'.


Retro Blog said...

er what exactly is crate paper? Is it a Canadian thing?

Anonymous said...

I think he means crepe paper


Karl Plesz said...

You're right. I never knew it was pronounced or spelled like that. I blame my mother.