Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Another rant against Canada Post

It may seem like I'm picking on Canada Post a lot lately, but they're giving me lots of ammunition.

This time it had to do with holiday hours of operation on Family Day. We tried our best to find out what time they were open (if at all) on Family Day and had no luck getting any information. We checked online. We tried calling the drug stores that host the outlets and either didn't get through or were told the outlet was open when in fact it was not (not yet anyway).

I went to the outlet that was supposedly open and found 3 people waiting in line, wondering why there was nobody behind the counter. I looked around the store for an employee and after finding one was informed that the outlet opens at noon until 4pm. No sign. I made a point of letting those in line know and then spoke to another employee at the customer service desk on the way out. I was told that this is a Canada Post issue as the drug store has no control over hours of operation and are not allowed to post unauthorized signage at the outlet.

I made my way to another drug store with a postal outlet and was pleased to discover that this one was open from 10am to 2pm. Signage everywhere indicating that fact too. So either they're not following Canada Post's own rules or the 'no unauthorized signage' rule is a convenient myth.

The underlying point here is that these guys need to get their act together. I don't care if you change your hours on holidays. I don't even care if each outlet has its own hours - not very consistent, but whatever. At least find a way to get those hours posted online so people don't waste their time and money getting to your outlet only to find that it isn't open.

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