Monday, January 28, 2013

Why let the car just sit there costing money?

When someone brings their car to the airport and leaves it in long-term parking, the car just sits there. Doing nothing. Serving nobody. Well, there are some enterprising (no pun intended) companies that hope to change that. But it's going to require a big adjustment in the mindset of car owners.

Basically you’ll be able to rent out your car while you’re not using it. This could keep you happy since you’ll be earning cash instead of shelling out for the airport parking fee.

FlightCar leverages the fact that most people driving to airports will be leaving the city for a fair amount of time. Owners can post details of the airport they will be parking at, how long their car will be available, details of the vehicle and how much money they want for rental. Those flying into the airport at the same time can then avoid more expensive rental car companies by borrowing a car that would otherwise have sat in the parking lot for the duration of the owner’s absence. Once a transaction is agreed, the car keys are handed to a FlightCar representative who transfers them to the renter. FlightCar includes an approval process for both parties through driver's license checks and the rental is insured against damage and theft.

According to the company, customers can expect a 20 to 50 percent discount compared to traditional rental routes, while owners receive 65 per cent of the agreed fee. Your car gets cleaned before and after the rental too. How else could car sharing be made easier? (Company video)

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