Saturday, January 26, 2013

Things I learned this week 26 Jan

  • If your cat loves to sit on/in front of your laptop or keyboard, take any box lid, flip it upside down and place it near that area. Boxes and their lids are like magnets for cats.
  • Use a staple remover to pry a tough key ring apart.
  • Brother is claiming that they have just made the last typewriter. It was made at Wrexham in North Wales and is being given to the London Science Museum.
  • The string of typographical symbols comic strips use to indicate profanity ($#%@!) is called a grawlix.
  • The number of multi-purpose industrial robots per 10,000 employees is just under 100 in Canada, around 130 in the US, around 260 in Germany, about 330 in Japan and just under 350 in Korea.
  • The Eagles haven't made an album in 5 years, but they made $60 million in 2012. One word - touring. Speaking of touring, U2 has toured for 2 years and raked in $700 million for it.
  • Citizens of Qatar get free electricity and water.
  • They may soon be able to tell if you have cancer (not just lung) by testing your breath for certain chemical compounds.
  • McDonald's serves 75 burgers per second. One in every 8 Americans have at one time worked for them. Some of these people included Pink, Jay Leno, Shania Twain and Sharon Stone. In 18 countries, McDonald's McDelivers to your home.

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