Sunday, January 20, 2013

Things I learned this week 20 Jan

  • A mother bird does not abandon a baby bird if you touch it.
  • Joe Lueken, a retiring grocery store owner is turning ownership over to his employees. He spent 46 years building two successful grocery stores in Bemidji, Minnesota. He decided to transfer ownership to his employees through a stock program. He wanted to give back to the people who helped his business be successful. The employees don't have to pay for their shares in the business.
  • Increased carbon dioxide in the air gets absorbed by the oceans and makes them acidic. More acidic ocean water eats away at shells. Dissolves shells kills the bottom part of the food chain that affects the fish we eat.
  • JC Penney plan to replace cash registers with iPads for checkout. They plan to use the original counter space where the registers used to be as juice and coffee bars.
  • Staples’ Easy 3D will offer consumers in Belgium and the Netherlands low-cost, brilliantly coloured, photo-realistic 3D printed products from Staples stores. Customers will simply upload electronic files to the Staples Office Centre and pick up the models in their nearby Staples stores.
  • The closest planet orbiting another star (based on unique scientific measurements) are those orbiting Alpha Centauri B, just over 4 light-years away from us.
  • There is no evidence that Lady Godiva rode a horse nude through the town of Coventry to protest taxes. But it made for great art and a cool Godiva logo.

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