Saturday, January 26, 2013

Maple mockery

Some botanists are shaking their heads at the new Canadian polymer currency because they say the bills feature a maple leaf from Norway, not Canada, although that's not how the Bank of Canada sees it. The Bank of Canada, denied the bills depict a Norway maple leaf. A spokesperson said the leaf is a stylized blend of different Canadian maple species.

But Sean Blaney, senior botanist of the Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre argued it looks nothing like any of the 10 maple species native to Canada.

My favourite part of the story was the commenter on the news site who had this to say:

"This is outrageous...I will soon be putting up a post office box address where you can send me all of these insulting $20 bills that you might have in your possession so that I can perhaps take a truckload of them to Ottawa to represent our collective anger to Parliament."


Retro Blog said...

Er, the Maple leaves are beautifuly, what no conspiracy theorists counting leaf points etc. Um, Karl ARE there any conspiracy theories regarding Candada um other than Canada separatist things?

Karl Plesz said...

I'm sure there are a few. But my favourite is that the US is secretly planning to invade Canada.

Retro Blog said...

Oh I LOVE that one, how bout the other way around? I watched Highway From Hell, road warriors with huge rigs haul big rig out of trouble on Highway 5 in BC, lots of snow, very entertaining.