Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Distracted driving

A new study employing eye-monitoring equipment has revealed that drivers spend 18% of their time behind the wheel not watching the road at all.

The study found motorists using navigation devices were even more distracted, with 22% of their time not watching the road. They have their eyes fixed on the display for 12% of their journey time. Drivers using satnav also spend 6X longer watching their device than oncoming traffic.

The average driver takes their eyes off the road every 9 seconds.

The average driver spends only 3.2% of the total journey time checking their mirrors while, on average, drivers spend 7% of their time gazing at clouds and scenery and 0.8% of their time observing ads. 2% of their time is spent actually looking at oncoming vehicles and 0.6% observing road signs.

54% of those surveyed change music while driving; 47% eat, 47% drink and 16% send texts from a mobile phone. 6% admitted to using apps on a smartphone or tablet, updating their Facebook status or tweeting.

Motorists are easily distracted by others. 35% admitted to being distracted by children or other passengers and 20% said a good looking person made them take their eyes off the road.

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