Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rubbing my face in it

I opened my GMail inbox last month (14 Nov 2012) to discover the following subject: The 2013 TSX is now on sale. I opened the message to see the following car mentioned in the message: 2013 TSX Sport Wagon.

My heart skipped a beat and I threw my arms in the air in a signal of victory. Let me explain.

When Acura introduced the TSX Sport Wagon to North America in 2010, the geniuses at Acura Canada decided NOT to sell it in Canada because of market conditions. Instead the same geniuses stocked the ugly, overpriced and impractical ZDX SUGodzilla. I freaked. The TSX Wagon was the perfect car for my situation and Acura made sure I couldn't have it. I complained. A lot. I was never sure it made a difference, but this new email raised my pulse rate while I frantically raced to the Acura Canada web site to check it out.

Bastards! Not only had Acura not updated their web site to include the 2013 models, a few minutes of investigation revealed that the message had originated in the US. A long, drawn out month before Acura Canada updated their web site to include the 2013 models revealed..... no sport wagon.

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