Saturday, December 01, 2012

Is Apple Maps really that bad?

I've heard a lot of the feedback regarding the new Apple maps app for the iPhone.  I acknowledge that the app is not perfect, which is somewhat understandable considering it is the first iteration of the app. 

But I have to say, that I've been using this app and it's really not that bad.  I've used it to navigate to a few different places around Calgary without any issues whatsoever.  The routes were logical, the destination address locations were no less accurate than Google maps was, and best of all, I get turn by turn spoken instructions.  The map even reorients itself as you turn just like a normal GPS device.  So as much as people have been flogging Apple for their maps app, based on my own experiences I would say well done - for a first try.  If you been avoiding using this app because of what you've heard, I say give it a go.  The big thing the Apple maps needs to fix as soon as possible is the fact that it does not have transit directions.  Get this done, and I think you'll be well on your way to general acceptance.

Have any of my readers been using the Apple version of Maps and what has your experience been?

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