Friday, November 16, 2012

Monitoring your child's email? Sucker!

Here's why monitoring your child's email account isn't going to reveal anything

It's because kids 'in-the-know' have been using a clever email trick to partly conceal their exchanges. Someone opens a new, anonymous email account on (let's say) GMail. They then compose a draft email and save it in the draft folder. They then share the login credentials with the other person which allows them to open the draft email and read it (and respond to it) without ever having to 'send' the email. This eliminates the electronic trail of a sent (and received) email message. Once the two cooperating parties have finished their clandestine exchange, they just delete the draft message.

Incidentally, this is how some bad people communicate with each other undetected and is also how that General Petraeus was communicating with his mistress.

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