Sunday, October 07, 2012

Your phone - much more valuable than you realize

10 years ago, if you lost your cell phone, you'd be out your phone, your contacts and whatever minutes you still had on your phone until you cancelled your account.

Now, the prospect of losing your cell phone is potentially much more expensive. Just think about all of the apps you use on your phone. Now imagine some stranger using them in your name. Your messages, email, chats, photos, videos, Facebook, ebooks. If you VNC into your work computer with your phone, they might have access to your work network.

But soon it will be much, much more. There are several companies that are positioning themselves to offer apps that will alow you to pay for things in the store electronically - with your phone. Soon, losing your phone will be akin to losing your purse or wallet. Things are somewhat safer if you use a passcode.

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