Friday, October 05, 2012

To all app developers

If you or anyone you know develops apps for phones, I know of a niche that needs filling. People who work alone some or all of the time need a way to check in with someone for safety's sake. There is one app, but it's based in the UK and the time stamps are based in GMT.

So, what's needed? The app should allow for notifications to be sent to any email address with some kind of acknowledgement possible to indicate that the receiver got the check-in. There should be an option for a secondary email address in case the first contact doesn't acknowledge an alert. You should be able to set a time for any time period you want to remind you to check-in. The timer set should send a notice to the contact and when you're within 10 minutes and 5 minutes of the timer period, you get a reminder to either cancel the timer (which tells the contact you're OK and that the work alone is over), or extend the timer another period, which is in essence a check-in. The contact gets notified of all changes / check-ins. The app should have GPS capability to show the contact where you are. It would be beneficial if the messages were sent from a server so that they get sent even if the phone is off or runs out of battery power.

So, get on that please. Thanks. Royalty cheques can be made out to Karl Plesz of Calgary Alberta.

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Anonymous said...

2There's no app but there are mobile data companies out there that have Work Alone Solutions out there. A lot of it targets Oil and Gas companies with employees working in high danger areas. You should check out Cypress.
Also it's not ideal to have a cell phone in areas like this because they're not intrinsically safe. Plenty of factors to consider for a Work Alone solution.