Tuesday, October 16, 2012

No 3rd Rock from the Sun for you!

Here's something I love about our entertainment industry. Oh right, there's nothing.

Yet another example of how they screw us around is how they hold back on the availability of products that are readily available elsewhere or have been available before. Case in point, the TV show 3rd Rock from the Sun. I can buy seasons 1 to 4, but not 5 or 6. Why? What is the logic behind this? The show has been off the air for 11 years. Worse, Amazon actually lists an 'entire series' package containing seasons 1 through 6, but it says 'currently unavailable'. Dear greedy entertainment companies: I have money in hand, but you don't seem to want it very much. Poor little companies, it must be so hard to figure out how to survive in the modern world. You should cry to the government for tighter copyright rules. Motherf........

And the entertainment industry wonders why some consumers have given up and gone the illegal route to get their content.

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