Friday, September 21, 2012

Microsoft moves toward software 'rental' scheme

Starting with Office 2013, it will no longer be cheaper to buy a traditional license-per-box version of the software than getting an online subscription - if you will be using it on more than 2 devices in your home. The multi-user Home & Student pack ($150 for Office 2010) is gone. If you want to use the license-per-box Home & Student on 3 devices, that'll be $420. If you instead opt for the per-year household license, you get Office 2013 on all your devices, the ability to reassign licenses, extras like online storage and Skype minutes. You can upgrade to new versions as soon as they are released. The subscription license also gets you Outlook and Publisher and Access thrown in.

Keep in mind though, that $100 is 'per year'.

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