Tuesday, July 03, 2012

What an Extravaganza

Back in December I mentioned a guy from Canada who had auditioned for and won a part in a Queen tribute band that was put together by Roger Taylor and Brian May. That band started touring North America in May and they finally made their way to Calgary last night. And we got to see them. Queen Extravaganza are 9 artists, four of whom are from Canada.

I was a bit nervous about the concert, having seen Queen myself in 1979. But these kids rocked the house. Marc Martel's vocals were spot on. Having four vocalists (plus the singing musicians) enabled them to duplicate the complex harmonies on stage that even Queen couldn't do live. The musicians were indescribable too. It was amazing. When 'Somebody to Love' started, I got chills. Here was the set list:

  1. "We Will Rock You (Fast)"
  2. "Tie Your Mother Down"
  3. "Now I’m Here"
  4. "Killer Queen"
  5. "Love Of My Life"
  6. "I Want It All"
  7. "Bicycle Race"
  8. "I Want To Break Free"
  9. "March Of The Black Queen"
  10. "Dragon Attack"
  11. "You Take My Breath Away"
  12. "Save Me"
  13. "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"
  14. "Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon"
  15. "I'm In Love With My Car"
  16. "Bohemian Rhapsody"
  17. "One Vision"
  18. "A Kind Of Magic"
  19. "Don't Stop Me Now"
  20. "Under Pressure"
  21. "Who Wants To Live Forever"
  22. "Another One Bites The Dust"
  23. "You’re My Best Friend"
  24. "Seven Seas Of Rhye"
  25. "Drum Solo"
  26. "Stone Cold Crazy"
  27. "In The Lap Of The Gods"
  28. "In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited"
  29. "Radio GaGa"
  30. "Fat Bottomed Girls"
  31. "Somebody To Love"
  32. "We Will Rock You"
  33. "We Are The Champions"

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