Friday, July 20, 2012

Things I learned this week 20 Jul

  • In Busan, S.Korea, The Puppy Cafe, has twenty dogs of all species, age and size. People enter the cafe for $7.20 and get a free coffee and get to play with the dogs.
  • As of June 2012, we are aware of 786 planets in the near universe.
  • The Moscow subway has around 500 homeless dogs. Not feral, they live in packs, but the leader is the smartest one. The cutest members beg for food and the stealthier dogs sneak up behind people with food and then bark, spooking the person to drop their food. The dogs are well fed. Many dogs have learned the subway system enough to get around.
  • The best way to kill Nigerian scammers' plans is to engage them. They know only the most gullible will answer, so if we all began engaging them via email, they'd waste too much time identifying the real gullible people. 
  • Broad Sustainable Building, an innovative Chinese architectural firm, are planning to build the world's tallest building (220 storeys), the Sky City Tower in Changsha, Hunan. In 90 days.
  • A dip in file-sharing after a UK court order requiring Internet service providers (ISPs) to block The Pirate Bay was short-lived. Just one week after British ISPs put required measures in place to prevent customers from accessing the site, ISPs said that file-sharing activity has returned to pre-block levels. 
  • Studio act Flash and The Pan were the duo of George Young and Harry Vanda (formerly of the Easybeats). George produced his younger brothers Angus and Malcom Young - of AC/DC.

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