Saturday, July 14, 2012

Things I learned this week 14 Jul

  • Deadbeat employers who don't pay their employees are being outed on Alberta's government web site.
  • Despite a wing span typically less than 10 centimetres, Monarch butterflies commute from their wintering grounds west of Mexico City north to Canada and the US, a journey that takes three generations. The monarchs that return south are the grandchildren of the ones that left Mexico. 
  • Workers at the Dutch offices of DSM, a chemical company, found USB sticks in the company parking lot. They were loaded with malware set to autorun in company computers and harvest employee login credentials. Someone dropped the keys trying to trick employees into getting them into the company.
  • 1990 - mobile phone users 23 million to 5.4 billion; Internet users has 10 million. 2010 - mobile phone users 5.4 billion; Internet users 2 billion.
  • Harper won his majority with 6,848 votes - the difference between a Conservative candidate getting elected and the second place candidate in the 14 closest races that the Conservatives won. 
  • Mitt Romney in 2008: "I'm a moderate, I'm for gay rights, I'm for a woman's right to choose." and "I like mandates." How his words have changed eh? 
  • If you took away all the space between the parts of the atoms and the space between the atoms themselves that make up the Empire State building, you'd have a clump of dense mass the size of a grain of rice.

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