Saturday, July 28, 2012

I suddenly have a craving... but not for gum

It's funny how certain advertising campaigns can get in your head. In this case, the campaign is somewhat effective except that it doesn't achieve necessarily the intended result. I'm talking about the Excel gum characters.

When Darlene and I were in a store the other day, I pointed out the Excel gum display and the cute characters that make up part of their current ad campaign. Donut, coffee, garlic and onion. Darlene said the pink character couldn't be a donut. She said there's no such thing as donut-breath. I agreed with her premise, but insisted it is a donut. It can't be anything else.

It turns out I was right. Darlene said it's too bad that they chose the characters they did because she said it doesn't make her want to buy Excel gum. It makes her want a donut and a coffee. I agree.

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