Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Uses for Team Viewer

When I used to remote into my clients' computers from my home in order to diagnose or fix or tutor, I used CrossLoop. A decent product to be sure. Free too. Then one of my colleagues at work introduced me to Team Viewer. It's what they had been using for remote desktop assistance. I thought - 'yeah, so what?' and it turns out that Team Viewer has some abilities that CrossLoop does not.

Besides remote desktop assistance, Team Viewer can also be used for delivering webinars. This works especially well when the audio portion is being delivered via phone conference bridge. Today I discovered another use. I'm tutoring a client at my home on Windows 7, but I don't have a projector and it's difficult for both of us to sit close to the one monitor (and share the mouse and keyboard). But by loading Team Viewer up on my Macbook (yes, I did say Macbook), I can have an exact copy of my Windows desktop running on my Macbook and either take control of that PC or let my student drive and we both get to see what's going on.

Now that's cool.

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