Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thank you to Darlene's inner voice

On our arrival at Calgary's airport on Monday, returning from San Diego, I lost my sunglasses. First time. I know exactly how it happened too. I had them slung out of my shirt pocket and likely lost them bending to pick our luggage off the carousel.

I was actually shopping for new shades in San Diego and never bought anything. Good thing too, or that would likely have been the pair I would have lost.

Well, I can't go very long without shades because my eyes are very sensitive to bright light, so I had to replace them pronto. Darlene suggested The Bay (The Hudson's Bay Company for you non-Canadians). I laughed. "They don't sell sunglasses!" I had never seen sunglasses in that store and was willing to bet that they didn't have any. Needless to say, I was quite mistaken. There they were - racks of them. Among the selection, a very nice pair of Fossil Allen grey polarized lenses with gun metal frames. $60. Not too shabby for polarized shades.

I don't know what possessed Darlene to suggest The Bay for my new shades, but I'm glad she did. They're awesome.

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